Owner: Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT)

Overview: The Silver Creek Bridge, which carries Hope Street (RT 114) over the Silver Creek, is a critical access road into the heart of Bristol, RI. Built in 1922, this small but important bridge (16′ long) has been deemed by RIDOT to be structurally deficient and in need of replacement.

Work: The work included removal and disposal of the existing bridge deck, parapet walls, end posts, approach slabs and partial removal of abutments. The existing sewer, water and gas, running directly beneath the deck, were removed and relocated into steel casings which were pipe rammed beneath the footings of the existing abutments. Pile caps were constructed approximately 10′ behind each abutment on steel H-piles driven to bedrock. The new deck (35′) is constructed of pre-stressed concrete box beams. The sidewalks, end posts and parapets will all cast-in-place, in kind to maintain the historical character of the area.

Current Contract Value: $3,646,609.28