Owner: Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MASSDOT)

Overview: Construction of the original Padanaram Bridge began in 1834 and was opened in 1836. The new bridge replaced a ferry service that ran between opposite sides of the of the Aponagansett Bay. Throughout its 180 year history the structure had been rebuilt and repaired multiple times. The current day structure consists of approximately 2500 LF of stone lined causeway with a turnstile bridge at center to allow boats in and out of an adjacent boat basin. The causeway portion is constructed of partially mortared stone walls filled with soil and capped with a bituminous roadway. Due to its porous wall construction the causeway was plagued with settlement as ocean water from constant tidal activity allowed for the continuous removal of fines through the unmortared walls. A determination was made by the Town of Dartmouth, who maintaines the structure, that the rate of repair had become unsustainable. The Town sought help from MassDOT who agreed to pick up a major portion of the cost and to administer and manage the contract.

Work: The work included underwater grout injection to fill voids in dumped stone rip rap, rebuild field stone support walls, furnish cast-in-place, ballast footings to support cantilevered sidewalks, construct concrete cantilevered sidewalks with parapet and safety rail, provide new bituminous roadway on both gravel and concrete base.

Cost At Completion: $10,581,008.34