Owner: Narragansett Bay Commision (NBC)

Overview: As Rhode Island’s largest public sewer system and sewer treatment facilities owner, the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) maintains and operates a 24″ interceptor carrying wastewater from the cities of Pawtucket and Central Falls to its Providence Wastewater Treatment Facility. Certain sections of the line, located in the city of Central Falls, were constructed over a closed landfill. The section is approximately 3,000 feet long and has been a maintenance problem for NBC for decades. The line suffered from constant settlement and infiltration issues. As the original contract work neared completion NBC also decided to replace two nearby deteriorated 48″ Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) culverts which ran beneath a football field and running track used by Central Falls High School.

Work: The work included placement of permanent sheeting, a reinforced concrete cap supported on driven piles, installation of new 24″ PVC interceptor pipe and manholes. All work was completed while by-passing the existing flow. Additionally, the two 48″ CSOs are being replaced and the existing football field and running track will be replaced by a synthetic turf field and rubberized running track.

Current Contract Value: $11,760,239.28