Owner: Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT)

Overview: The Baker Pines Bridge, located in Richmond, RI, is comprised of two structures carrying RT. 95 North and South over Nooseneck Hill Road. RIDOT determined both the North and South bound structures to be structurally deficient and in need of replacement. To expedite the process RIDOT issued a design build RFP. John Rocchio Corporation (JRC) in conjunction with designer Gordon R. Archibald, Inc., was selected by RIDOT to remove and rebuild both structures.

Work: The work included the removal and disposal of the existing bridge decks, center median, parapets and end posts in their entirety. The abutments are being partially demolished and are being reinforced with a new 18″ cast-in-place concrete fascia. The beam seats and back walls will be precast. The bridge deck will be prefabricated utilizing steel stringers and precast deck sections. The center median, parapets and end posts will be replaced in kind. The work is being completed in three phases with the closing of only one lane in each direction at any one time.

Current Contract Value: $7,293,434.13